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types of highlighters

Are we really talking about the highlighters! I cant even live without them anymore, nothing is more aesthetically pleasant looking then all of my highlighters. Ever since highlighting became fashionable again, there has been no turning back. I had no clue that a highlighter can create such a beautiful look. I think I am a highlighter fan now and will be forever. Highlighter is one such beauty product which helps to highlight a particular feature such as nose, cheek, under & upper lips of a woman. Highlighters help you to give a sharp and radiant look than the other makeup products such as foundation creams, compacts and concealers.

There are so many different types of highlighters, Strobing Cream, Stick Highlighter, Brick Highlighter, Powder Highlighter, Liquid Highlighter and with a new one launching every week so here's a lowdown on each of them to make strobing shopping easier for you.

1. Strobing Cream.

To give your skin that 'lit from within' glow, strobing creams are the answer. They can be worn as an illuminating primer before or after your base makeup to give your face a natural glint and can also be layered as per your preference. You can also use these before setting your foundation on the highlighting points of your face, collar bones wherever you feel like enhancing it!

2. Stick highlighter.

If you're a makeup newbie, this one's for you. Just like a thick crayon, a shimmery stick highlighter is sketched directly on the high points of the face and then blended in with the fingertips. Nothing else to it! I use this highlighter like everyday. Sometimes I use this on my eyelids to make them look more brighter. And. TRUST ME, This is an amazing product to buy if you are just starting of with your makeup. There are also many stick highlighters available in the market drugstore or big brands this is the best product even any makeup artist would prefer.

3. Brick highlighter.

To get more bang, choose a brick highlighter. They come sectioned in different tones of highlighter which can be applied separately on the cheeks or blended together to form your own custom highlight colour.

4. powder highlighter.

This one's the staple of every beauty addict. Powder highlighter comes as a pressed powder in a pan, just like a compact powder - except it's shimmery. It is used with a brush as one of the final base makeup steps to strobe the skin easily. It can be easily used with your finger tips, but most of the makeup-guru's use brushes- tapered, fan brush. You can also use this in your inner corners of your eyes, makes your eyes pop!!!

5. liquid highlighter.

Think you're a makeup pro? Then go forth with the liquid highlighter. Even a single drop of it is incredibly pigmented and needs to be blended swiftly into the skin. But when applied well, boy, does it look amazing! Do not apply after setting your foundation with the powder as "powder and liquid highlithers are rivals" I use liquid highlighter with my foundation, mix them well and, boy, it looks so glowing.

Best Highlighters in India

  1. Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

  2. Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Cream

  3. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter

  4. L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator

  5. Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter

  6. Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Stick

  7. Colorbar Metallics Body Shimmer-Miss Reflective

  8. PAC Baked Highlighter

  9. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shadow & Shimmer

  10. Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Highlighter

These are the most basic and highly used highlighters, that even I have been using lately!

Thankyou guys for reading, I hope this was useful to all of you! I would love to know in the comments section which one is your favourite go-to highlighter!

"If you're sad add more highlighter and attack"

Have an amazing day! See you next time xoxo!!!

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