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Travel with me to Kashmir-Kashmir diaries

How are you guys doing? I know I'm quite late ( 2 months.. sshhhhh) to post this trip which by the way I was planning for quite sometime. I had never been to Kashmir before, and I love everything about it now. I am happy that I planned this because truly it was an amazing experience! I wanted to do this trip with my best friends and I'm glad that i absolutely got the best chance to be with my friends and have so much fun while exploring this beautiful place called "HEAVEN IN INDIA" There are so many beautiful places to explore in India and one of them is Kashmir, it's extra-ordinary beauty, their language everything is just so different.

You feel like you are in some other place, or you can call it a paradise! Being born and brought up in Mumbai never ever experienced snow, that chilled atmosphere where you can layer on so many clothes and literally be like telletubbies (ha ha, i do looked like telletubby in Kashmir by the way).

I visited kashmir in the month of February, and what we heard that it wasn't snowing since 2 months and I really really wanted to enjoy snowfall ( my main reason to visit Kashmir ). We had a long day flight from Mumbai to Delhi to Srinagar. then from Srinagar we had to travel to Gulmarg which was our first place as it is on the the top of kashmir and has alot of chances to snowfall. Gulmarg has its own beauty, I just cant describe how beautiful, calm and gorgeous looking place is... so after a long and tiring travel day we checked-in our hotel and it was not snowing at all, the climate was clear and there was not much snow in Gulmarg, which i was really upset about.. Later we had our dinner and went back to sleep praying and hoping that we could see snowfall tomorrow morning!

The Next day I was getting calls from my friends, but as I am big sleepy head person.. I was not receiving their calls. later, after i suppose 10-20 missed calls, i spoke to them and you guys you should have seen my face when i Heard that it was snowing like crazy. And, i got so happy never ever had the happiest morning in my life, I started crying (i know this stupid) but yes , i cried because never ever i have seen such a beautiful view in my life till then! I just went down freezing with just a single top and a jean and enjoying snowfall! Wow! i can feel it right now while sharing it you guys ha ha!

Day 1- Well now, this is about trip to Gulmarg, the crown of Jammu & Kashmir as the locals call it. It is getting a little difficult for me to explain in words. What a picture perfect destination is it!! Just cannot stop praising about its beauty. We were in Gulmarg and it was snowing and i had never experienced ski in my life so i thought why not give it a try. There are variety of activities to do in gulmarg. People come from all over the world to learn professional ski here in Gulmarg. The Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car in the world and reaches to a height of 4000 metres. The ropeway is divided into two phases. Phase I is from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and Phase II from Kungdoor up till Apharwat. The Gondola ride is 2 Kms from the Parking area which takes you to level 1 & level 2. We hired a local guide who got us our Gondola tickets and charged Rs. 500 over the Gondola tickets. Hiring a local guide is a good idea as the queue for tickets is too long and it is difficult for a tourist to get the tickets. Level 1 is the mid point of the gondola ride where we did all our adventures, once you reach there the view is extremely scenic & Level 2 is the Affarwat peak the most famous amongst all. But, unfortunately the weather got bad and we couldn't go upto level 2 as they had to close the rides beacuse of the bad conditions. so we stopped there and we went to level 2 through snow motor bike.. we kind off took a risk there by hiring a snow motor bike. but, if we do not take risks in life, how can we know what are our capabilities of achieving anything in life' RIGHT? and, we took (I dont know if it was good or best desicion) but we were kind of frozen but still enjoying the weather and the beautiful view. We then went for skiing and as I dont even know skiing ABCD I would highly recommend to get a teacher to teach you how to skii as I did.

The next day was pretty much again with some more adventures! We hired some motor Bikes and drove our way to Tanmarg there were also guides sitting behind us and they us drive it in the snow and just enjoying the amazing view.. It was pretty you know cannot describe in words. 3rd day we went to Srinagar and there we stayed in a boat house and there are many boat houses in Dal Lake. We Stayed there and went for a beautiful Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Shikara ride is basically a small boat made out of wood and they decorate it and make a beautiful seating there! So we did it at sunset and it was the best time to this beautiful place. also, while doing Shikara ride you might end up buying something or the other as there are alot of sellers who come beside your Shikara and sell so many things which was so amazing to see something different.

Glad that we stayed in a boat house, because it felt like my home. They prepare food as you order it. you wont get anything fancy schmazy there! As we had our dinner we started talking to the owner of the boat house, we got to know so many things about kashmir and kashmiri people. He was just 22 yrs old and was doing things i can never imagine doing. he was married and his wife was from Gulmarg and he is used to work in Srinagar which is 2-3 hrs ride. so, he used to stay there for 6 months and for a week or 2 go to his family! And, then i learned something from him- Live life as if it is your last day! When you travel you explore yourself too, you know you cannot be at your comfort zone here and thats when you know your true self! I am glad that I did this trip xx


Visited India Gate, as our layover was long enough!!!

woke up to snowfall

day 3 & 4- Srinagar

I bought this jacket from srinagar for only INR 500.

Tried kashmiri dress and OMG it was looking so pretty! Do I look like a Kashmiri Girl.. ha ha Would love to know your thoughts on this! leave a comment below what do you think about this xoxo

Hope that you experienced the beauty of Kashmir through my blog! See you guys with some more interesting travel blog xoxo

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Hola! Lots of Love...

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