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The festival that we all have been waiting for is just round the corner. Holi is a festival where we tend to forget how to be safe from the harsh colors, how to protect your skin, hair, what type of clothes you should wear! This is such a festival where we forget all our worries and go wild in the riot of colors. Holi brings color, families and friends together and we have a lot of fun, But it also brings with itself problems - a lot of skin related problems. If it’s true that the colours used in Holi causes a lot of allergies, irritations and break-outs later on, it is also true that with a little precaution and by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to save yourself from any such problems.

Here's how you can take care of your skin, Read on and thank me later!!


1. Dig out some old clothes from your wardrobe and try to cover maximum part of your body to give maximum protection from the colors. If you are looking for Indian wear go for full sleeves kurta and leggings or salwar, you can even opt for western outfits but even that has to be totally covered. Do not, I repeat, do not wear shorts, dresses.

2. Hydrate yourself! yes guys, you heard it right. so keep drinking more water , have juices, glucose. Dehydration is not at all good for your skin, so make sure you keep this tip in mind!

3. Wear! Wear! Wear! WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN. It is very important to use waterproof sunscreens as this will protect your skin from dirty waters, colors. What you can do is apply herbal oil along with the sunscreen.

4. Ensure that color does not get into your eyes. Wear sunglasses and shut your eyes whenever someone is applying color on you.

5. For ears wear small cotton balls also apply some vaseline first so that if there are any colors it can be removed very easily!

6. Apply Vaseline on your lips or any good lip balm which stays for a longer period of time. and then you can apply any lipstick on top of that.

7. Apply ample amounts of lotion or better still, coconut oil all over your body and hair before stepping out for the celebrations. That way, the lotion or the oil will form a protective film on the skin.

8. Before doing your makeup for Holi always use oil first as your base, and then apply your makeup. oil does not let the color to stay deep into your skin and this way it will help protect your beautiful skin!

9. Always use waterproof mascara a YESS!! YESS!!

10. Top the oil or lotion with sunscreen since you do not want to be sunburned.

Holi is a festival that should be about having fun. So follow my tips and have a blast on the holiday.

Some outfits I would like to share for holi,

A very Happy and Safe Holi to all my readers.

Happy Holi 2018!

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