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Updated: Feb 19, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of, new Whisper Ultra Soft along with a bunch of awesome sauce bloggers! And before the launch, Whisper sent me a comfy hamper with their new Ultra Soft sanitary napkin.

This event was not only to launch their latest product but also to break taboos revolving around periods and encouraging all girls to talk openly about it. They explained their new product along with a demo and session with a doctor.

I was glad that I could be a part of such an amazing event. In this constant endeavour to work towards encouraging women across the world to be truly unstoppable, Whisper has always believed that, for any woman to be successful, she should be comfortable in her skin and in turn, with people around her. I have seen many friends that they worry a lot about what others are going to say when it comes to leading their life in the way they want to. Especially with relation to periods, there myths where women are not allowed to go in the kitchen, or enter the temple (I can go on and on). Periods is still seen by many, as taboo.

The event started with Bollywood Actress RADHIKA APTE taking the stage to discuss taboos and myths surrounding periods like wearing white, not exercising during those 5 days and skipping your trip to the gym. She even explained that she believes in her strength and doesn’t have an excuse to skip because she believes in the new WHISPER ULTRA SOFT. Later she was joined by Dr. Nandita Plashetkar, a gynaecologist who explained the importance of menstrual hygiene. She also shared medically important information and certain issues women go through during their periods. They conducted an experiment to illustrate how the new Whisper Ultra Soft can handle absorption 5 times better than and ordinary pads & I have to say it was very convincing! The product is also extra-long and wide in the back so you don’t have to worry about leakages.

We need to encourage women to accept and talk about menstruation openly in public in order to make women more confident in those 5 days every month. The new Whisper Ultra Soft offers superior comfort, it feels 2x softer on skin while absorbing wetness hour after hour. This means that women can go about their day, just like any other. She can be confident and comfortable and take on the world, no holds barred!


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