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amway- Launching their new product "attitude"

I am pretty sure most of you already know about Amway. With its diverse portfolio, it finds a presence in so many Indian homes. I still remember how Amway was my mom's favorite brand for home care products. There’s a reason why the brand has been in India for more than 20 years. The brand is still expanding in terms of reach and accessibility with newer products such as the Attitude range.

With the launch of Attitude, Amway has now ventured into beauty and skin care.

I recently got an opportunity to attend an Amway event organized in Mumbai that was focused on the new TVC series of brand and the showcase of the makeup and beauty range Attitude.

Attitude is all about young women feeling confident about their true selves and not having to compromise on their ambitions. Women who don’t mind being vocal about telling people #DontLimitMyAttitude! The message behind Attitude was quite relatable for me.

What I really liked about the Attitude product range is that it is specifically designed for Indian women keeping our skin type and preferences in mind. Considering it is manufactured in Tamil Nadu, it is also Made in India.

Further, the Attitude product range has makeup products (lipsticks, blush, eye shadow) along with personal care products (sunscreen, face wash, acne treatment products and so on). The fact that all these products have drugstore pricing makes it even better. I know a lot of you guys keep asking me about affordable makeup & beauty products; I would say this is the range for you.

Along with other Amway products, the Attitude product range is now easily available on this link:

Coming to the event, I had a great time interacting with the Amway team and fellow bloggers. We played fun games and participated in talk sessions where we all shared our #DontLimitMyAttitude stories! The TVCs launched are also really interesting and tell us what Attitude is really about. You guys can check them out here: TVC

Let’s learn a bit more about the products.

1. Lipsticks:

A compact and handy tester pack for lipsticks lets you try out the different shades offered in Attitude’s new lipstick range. Know more about the hue & finish for all the lipsticks at one go. With a better product experience, choose the one that best suits you.

Retail price- Rs.349.00

Presenting the Attitude range of Crème lipsticks. True to its name, it looks and feels creamy and provides a high coverage. What’s even better is that it’s preservative free. So go get that popping look with the vibrant colors and flaunt those creamy luscious lips!

It comes in five exciting shades – Seductive Red, Passionate Pink, Mischievous Wine, Mysterious Nude, Naughty Orange

Retail price- Rs.269.00

Looking for perfect comfort wear for your lips? Look no more. Here’s the all-new range of Matte lipsticks from Attitude. All you need is one stroke and you’re ready for the day. Thanks to its uniform coverage, there’s no smudging or uneven patches. It’s also preservative free.

It comes in five exciting shades – Strawberry Rush, Brownie Delight, Roasty Red, Raspberry Crush, Cherry Love

Retail price- Rs. 349.00

2. Attitude Blusher Duo

Introducing the Attitude Blusher Duo. This lightweight blusher can be used to get a versatile finish. It blends effortlessly and goes well with all Indian skin tones. The muted, elegant shades mix in beautifully with the skin and keep it looking natural and pretty. Its buildable coverage makes it a perfect fit for all occasions.

This blusher duo consists of the following shades (From left to right):

Peach Whisper and Barely Pink blushers

Retail price- Rs. 499.00

3. Attitude Clear Activ Pimple Control Face Wash


A sulphate-free, gentle, water based gel with mild surfactants fortified with botanical extracts of green tea, licorice and meadowsweet. It effectively cleanses skin by removing impurities and clogged dirt and helps clarify skin by drying out existing pimples and restricting new breakouts*


Attitude Clear Activ Pimple Control Face Wash is tailor-made for your skin type: oily or dry. The Kiwi extracts help deep cleanse oily skin without over-drying and the grape-fruit extract keeps dry skin well-nourished.


· Effectively cleanses skin by removing impurities and clogging dirt

· Helps to clarify skin by drying out existing pimples and restricting new breakouts*

· It removes oily shine and stickiness without over drying skin

· Helps reduce excess surface sebum levels that can clog pores.

Active Ingredients:

● Green Tea Extract: This has anti-oxidant properties which act against free radicals and help protect skin cells from everyday aggressions.

● Meadowsweet extract: maintains natural balance of skin

● Licorice extract: Helps to regulate excess sebum secretion

Retail price- ₹349.00

4. Attitude Sunscreen Cream

5. Attitude Moisturiser, Attitude Clear Activ Pimple Control Spot Corrector, Attitude Be Bright Face Wash

6. Attitude Eye Shadow Palette

So be sure to check out the entire range and gather the dose of attitude you need!

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