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Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Hi guys, how are you all? By the way, I have been so inactive the last couple of weeks because i had an interior designing project under me that i had to design and complete it as soon as possible. And talking about the project i have never felt so proud of myself anytime before. Seriously guys, i never thought that the project i was doing would come out to be so good (and i am not blabbering or something it was my first interior project and came out to be pretty well). So if you guys wanna see the insights of the house i did and you want me to do a blog on that comment down below and i would do it.

Before we talk about the topic today. How many of you girls are in college and seriously think that the next day you wake up and you open your wardrobe and think OMG i have nothing to wear! Well, it happened to me alot when i used to go to college. So here is a little tip from me that would save your time as well as your money too.

So whenever you are confused about the outfits that you are going to be wearing throughout the week, just remove the comfiest clothes from your closet it can be a casual tee, jacket, off-shoulder top, shirts, full sleeve tops (endless options). So when you are free on Sundays just make an outfit fro each day label them and you are good to go for the next whole week. Isn’t this amazing!

Now, without saying anything more lets get into  6 totally wearable college lookbook.


I hope you guys loved it.

Have a great day!

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